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Holy crap, wait. Is that a small smile I see?

When faced with imminent death, knowing that he’s about to die, is Cas smiling?

do you mean to tell me that Cas was happy at the thought of finally dYING???



Castiel’s grace is still fading, and he’s not too worried about finding a solution. Cas has developed a somewhat fatalistic perspective on life - he feels like he’s doomed. The only solutions he has are to get Metatron’s co-operation, which he’s too prideful to do, or to slit an angel’s throat and steal its grace, and he doesn’t want to kill any more angels. So he’s somewhat resigned to his own expiration.” -Misha Collins on Cas in Season 10

Supernatural + text posts (pt. 6)

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To all my followers located in (or near) Louisville, Kentucky.

Approximately 1 hour ago i stopped listening to the police scanner because things calmed down immensely. The latest report before I signed off was that of a dildo hitting a windshield.

Approximately 25 minutes ago, I tuned back in just to check things out, and someone was hurt badly. Unfortunately, I didn’t tune in quickly enough to see how they got hurt but officials were waiting for EMS to arrive at the scene to either pronounce (dead) or escort. Shortly after it was told that he/she had extreme injuries and that it was not likely for them to survive.

Please stay inside. It is 2:26 AM so there is little to no reason to be out this late anyways, but just in case. PLEASE stay indoors.

(I am listening to Louisville Metro scanner on Em.RadioFree for iPhone)


something about it … it felt pure.


That is a really unfortunate logical leap.

Real subtle, Jensen. [x]

bless the followers who tolerate your 95% fandom posts that aren’t even their fandom

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