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Writing destiel fanfic


★ ϟü℘εяᾔαtüґαł  

ℙυґ℘łℯ ℕüґρʟε


A shot consumed by Dean in ‘Tall Tales’ (2x15) and many fangirls since.

1/4 oz   Blue Curacao
1/4 oz   vodka
1/4 oz   apple schnapps
1/4 oz   sweet & sour
1/4 oz   grenadine

-Dean what are you…what are you drinking?

-I don’t know man, I think they’re called Purple Nurples.




I’m just waiting for a Supernatural episode where God shows up like


I just pictured Chuck doing this and his first line back is, “I JUST WENT OUT FOR TOILET PAPER!”

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I want to prove a point to my parents it’s not weird to ship gay, fictional couples. 

When my friend sees a hot guy




N°16 in the series “Fi and I made a thing” - SN: 6x11


have i told you guys about that one time i had to do a presentation on class but i was being a lazy fuck so i just copied one i found on the internet and presented it but the whole time my teacher was giving me weird glares ok so after i was done i realized the work i copied had my university watermark on it but like from years ago long story short i had copied my teacher’s work when he was a student and presented it to him years later


but i really don’t like the fact that cas is going to get pop culture references now??? like was that even necessary

i never thought i would read a sentence like this

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2015 Calendar I made in graphics.

I made a 2015 calendar of my OTP. Thanks to dmishtri for letting me use her art!


obviously i need to follow more spn blogs since i am not being swamped by posts right now.

REBLOG if spn is your main fandom and you tag like it’s 1999


tumblr =  where a simple photo of a footpath gets 100,000+ notes.

He’s the only one who gets to call me that.

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